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to the benefit of everybody if he is willing to take that step. obama said there should be a new election law and iraqi. what should that be? >> there is a dispute right now and primee kurds minister nouri al-maliki and people in parliament over whether he should have elections by in the visual province, with winner take all per province, or country wide. so if kurds have 19% countrywide, they will have 20% of the seats in parliament. that is a struggle. >> even if the prime minister invited more sunnis into the government, would that be taken seriously? >> i think so. the sunnis are split on whether to work with nouri al-maliki, joint out, or whether to extremist factions like al qaeda. the more he does and the more the parliament does and the more the shia and kurds due to bring in the sunni minority, what we have seen in the past is the more they will stand up against the terrorist. >> when you look at the enormous cost to the u.s., you know that better than anyone in terms of dollars, in terms of the region, in terms of u.s. lives, iraqi , is it similar to the 2003 invasion? >> i get this
predecessor, hosni mubarak, has been on trial. egypt's first democratically elected president, now behind bars and defiant. i am still president of the republic, he shouted, and i am here against my will. what is happening here is providing cover for the military coup. chaos erupted several times. several egyptian journalists were yelling, "execution. xecution." the judge called for quiet, but there were shouting matches between opponents and supporters of morsi. security was incredibly tight, several layers deep. what went on inside the courtroom was a deposed president determined to have his say. mohamed morsi spoke out repeatedly, shouting at the judge even when his voice became horse. to read the hearing, he and his fellow accused kept repeating they did not recognize the court. it was a very different picture last june, when mohamed morsi was triumphant at the ballot box. massive protests at his divisive rule. the army removed him, saying it was the will of the people. a military government is in charge now. >> the judicial system in egypt is independent. he was given all the rights to de
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)